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    How Do You Know Your Network is Secure?

    I Already Have Cybersecurity In Place.

    According to a Threat Stackreport, over 73% of companies experience at least one critical security misconfiguration.

    I Have An It Provider.

    A security audit performed by Astra reveals that 54% of businesses admit that their IT departments lack the experience to manage complex cyberattacks.

    My Company Is Too Small To Worry About Cybersecurity.

    In June of 2023, 61% of small to medium sized businesses in the United States were reported to have SUCCESSFULLY hit by a cyberattack in the past year.

    My Network Has Never Been Breached Before.

    A recent study performed by Hiscox reveals cyberattacks on small businesses has quadrupled, and the FBI's Internet Crime Report found the cost of cybercrimes to small businesses reached $2.4 billion in 2021.

    Cybersecurity Assessment

    At CRC Data Technologies, we utilize an internationally recognized third party cybersecurity assessment to test the security of our environment, and we would like to extend the same oportunity to our clients.

    For a limited time, we are extending this audit to select businesses, at no financial cost to you.

    This assessment will uncover vulnerabilities and risks within your IT environment, and help you answer questions such as:
    Data Protection


    We will contact you to schedule a Kick-off Call, which officially begins the assessment. The call takes about 30 minutes, and we will ask questions to establish your risk profile and help you download and execute our scanning tool to evaluate your systems.

    The test takes approximately three days to complete. This includes the time it takes us to collect, analyze, and compile our findings for a Findings Meeting with you.

    We do not install any software or make any changes to your network as part of this assessment.

    We do not require any passwords or administrative access for this assessment. You will need sufficient authority to download and execute the scanning tool. If you have any questions regarding the process of the level-1 penetration test, feel free to ask us during the Kick-off Call.

    After the test, we will conduct a Findings Meeting with you. It is important that decision-makers who are responsible for your organization’s security attend this meeting. During the Findings Meeting, we will detail the risks in order of likelihood and potential damage, and lay out the appropriate steps to improve your security posture. After this meeting, you’ll have a clear idea of what you need to protect your systems.

    This is a fast and impactful way to see the value we deliver without risk to you. However, because this process does require time and resources on our part to perform and deliver a thorough assessment, we only offer this on a limited basis.